Why ride with Heart Zones?

At Pulse Revolution, you don't get just another spin class. Our studio is powered by the Heart Zones system, designed by local legend Sally Edwards (the woman who quite literally wrote the book on heart rate training). The rides are personalized in that you ride to your heart zones. If you're not sure what those are, no worries! With every membership package, you get a personalized bike fit and a one-on-one threshold test to find out where your zones are. The first-time indoor cyclist and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong can sit side-by-side and both get great workouts because everyone trains to their own zones!

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Heart Zones System

Heart Zones, Inc has spent the last 22 years developing heart rate training methods. Through the vision of Sally Edwards and the support of a strong Heart Zones team, great methodology has been developed and is now being used in the Heart Zones System

Threshold Training

Threshold training is a workout methodology that uses zone training with five zones and two thresholds. Your individual thresholds are tested when you get your one-on-one Fitness Snapshot, and are entered in our system, so you are always working to your zones.


Track your workouts!

Save all of your workouts in one place with the Heart Zones Training app. Sync to your sensor and your bike each time you come in to ride. Check your workout history to see your progress! Get the app here