ride smarter. get fitter. train better. get faster.

At Pulse Revolution, we use Heart Zones technology so you get a personalized ride, even in a group setting.


Zone Ride

Undoubtedly, Heart Zones Cycling at its best!  Individual performance data pulsing on the Big Board guides the Heart Zones training ride. You’ll use RPMs, resistance and heart rate to earn Training Points. Challenging yourself to move into and through the different zones, you’ll end the ride feeling you’ve had an awesome personalized workout. 


Virtual Ride

With our BIG screen, you’ll feel so immersed in the scenery, the workout will be done before you know it. A Pulse Virtual Ride is an unbeatable workout experience. Well, unless you’re actually there! Where do you want to ride this week? Hawaii? Italy? Spain? Plus, studies show that images of nature help increase our focus and concentration for hours! Get fitter AND smarter!



Power Ride

Ready to bring it on? Challenge your performance level with a Pulse Power Zones ride. You'll push Watts on the Big Board and measure output intensity with Power Zones training. Essential for experienced cyclists trying to improve race times, this class is still a fantastic workout for beginners. The more power you can produce, the faster you'll ride over a given amount of time.  Make an appointment to learn your Power Sweet Spot then join us to test your strength and muscular endurance!



Profile Ride

The absolute best at simulating outdoor riding indoors. The terrain is set! The zones are planned. Race fellow riders on the sprints and breakaways. You’ll feel the road on hill climbs, rollers and the flats during a Pulse Profile Ride. Improve your cycling skills and fitness as you move through heart rate zones and over the terrain.


Heart Zones RED

Looking to mix it up? Spend 30 minutes cycling and 30 minutes circuit training with Heart Zones Red. We’ll use all the toys CrossFit Sacramento offers! Rowers, wall balls, slam balls, kettle bells, ropes, sandbags, sleds…it’s a playground for grown-ups where you’ll play your way to greater strength and mobility…not to mention a phenomenal body!