The October Cycling Challenge is ON!!

For the month of October, record your miles, indoor and outdoor. There will be prizes at the end of the month for most miles total, most miles at one time, and a few more fun awards I’ll come up with!

And, as inspiration, check out this fantastic article about all the benefits of cycling! Big thanks to David de Haan for bringing this one to my attention!

We've got a jersey!

We have our very own Pulse Revolution jersey! Get yours from the online store sponsored by Jakroo. If you’re riding in the Sacramento Century on October 5th, be sure to wear it…that ride will be their big debut!

New Membership Deal!

New Membership Deal!

Find your super powers!

Our New Year’s membership deals will help you be

STRONGER than your excuses!

We wear heart rate monitors in every class and use Sally Edwards’ Heart Zones System, so you can train in your own personalized heart zones. Whether you’re a first-time rider, or an Ironman athlete, you’ll get a great ride! Plus, you’ll receive an email with your workout profile so you can share your experience…..which is to say that you can brag to all your friends about your accomplishment! Click the button below for a little more detail about our classes!

Get your year started right!

Our three-month membership is the perfect way to get you going in the new year. You can choose from one to three classes per week, or go for it with our unlimited package! The prices are for all three months…and what a deal! You’re getting one month for free!

1 class/wk $120

2 classes/wk $200

3 classes/wk $250

unlimited $300

Take it to summer!

What do you want to look and feel like this summer? Try our six-month membership and we’ll get you there! This unbelievable deal is like getting two free months of classes! The prices are for the full six-month membership.

1 class/wk $240

2 classes/wk $400

3 classes/wk $500

unlimited $600

The fine print

To take advantage of this deal, you need to be a new member, or someone we haven’t seen in a while…come on back! Also, these memberships must be paid in full when you first come in. BUT! We want you to be sure you’re going to like us! So come in for one free class to try us out! Click below to see the schedule.

Can’t wait to see you in class!

Cycling = sips at the fountain of youth!

Check out the latest on how cycling keeps you young! It's not just how you feel and how you look,  your immune system and your muscles are younger and more resilient with cycling! Click here to learn more!

It's never too late!

Just because you've waited until your 40's, 50's, 60's to start exercising doesn't mean you aren't going to see HUGE benefits!

Check out this article to find out how exercise can make your heart act any age! Hmmm, "young at heart." That should be a song...

The Ketogenic Diet

Hi everyone! 

I've had a lot of requests for information on the Ketogenic diet, so I wanted to show you a webpage with a lot of very helpful information! 

Click HERE! This link takes you directly to the "What is Ketosis?" article. Within the article are links to help you calculate your macros, links to take to you to more detailed information, and so on. 

The page also has a ton of recipes! Search "mug cake" and you will find one of my new favorites. It just takes a couple of minutes to have a super low-carb snack that will satisfy that bread craving! :) 

New Events!

New Events!

Check out the events page! There's a Mini Vacation coming up this month and a Movie Ride Night next month! The Mini Vacation includes a virtual ride through Hawaii, followed by a cycling-centered yoga session (and mimosas).  Bring some brunch snacks to share around with our mimosas post-yoga. Space is limited to 14, so book your bike soon!

The Movie Ride Night is perfect if you need to get in a long slow distance day for an upcoming race! Ride for the whole movie and get in a good 30-40 miles, or do it relay style and share a bike with a friend or two. 

Bring some movie snacks (and plenty of water). For those of you who are doing the whole ride, I highly recommend bringing Hoo-Ha Ride Glide (yes, it is actually called that) or Beljum Butter and wearing your padded bike shorts...especially if you're used to riding just 45-60 minutes!

These will be a ton of fun, and only the beginning! More to come in June!! 

Quick link!

Thanks to Mary for finding this article! Check it out and learn the beneficial effects of cycling on symptoms suffered by Parkinson's patients!