design your training schedule

At Pulse Revolution, whether you want to ride with us one day a week or five, we've got the membership that fits into your schedule! Watch your fitness, skills, strength, and speed improve over time!

Single $60/mo

Getting back on the saddle or want to add cardio to your yoga or barre classes, join us once a week. Choose any ride format on the schedule. 


Drop-in $20

Double $100/mo

You want a steady ride schedule to improve or maintain your fitness. Use 2 rides a week to keep a routine and improve your riding. Choose any ride format on the schedule. 


Unlimited + $150/mo

Unlimited rides each week PLUS two CrossFit classes of your choice! Join our fantastic coaches for a full-body functional strength workout.

Triple $120/mo

Serious, consistent, you’re all in. With 3 rides a week you’ll be able to hit your target goals and keep raising the bar. Choose any ride format on the schedule. 


5-Ride Pass $90

Need a little more flexibility in your workouts? Try the 5-ride pass! It lasts for three months, so you can drop in when your schedule allows!