Do I need cycling shoes?

Our Keiser bikes are set up for SPD cycling shoes if you've got a pair. But regular shoes will also work just fine!

What should I bring?

Bring a bottle of water for sure! We've got the rest covered...towel, heart rate monitor, programming, enthusiasm...

When should I arrive?

Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to give yourself time to adjust your bike, put on your heart rate monitor, and get changed and settled in. Class starts promptly.

Arrive 20 minutes early so you can take care of any paperwork, and so we can get you set up with a heart rate monitor, get you added to the big board, and get your bike set up properly. 

What if it's my first ride?

The quick answer is yes! Give it a couple rides and you will definitely get used to it! In the meantime, you can buy padded cycling shorts to wear, which really help! 

Will I ever get used to the seat?

Contact us with any other questions you might have!

Anything we've forgotten?