Why ride with us?

At Pulse Revolution, a Heart Zones™ Cycling Studio, you’ll experience high energy, performance driven rides. Heart Zones cycling studios use wearable fitness technology, patented heart zone training, and personalized performance metrics to help you track your workout and get the most out of your ride. We offer several ride formats so you can change up your weekly rides to create your own workout experience. Come climb Haleakala in Hawaii, train in Power Zones to work on speed and strength, or learn better biomechanics in a digital ride. Pulse Revolution small group ride training supports a community of all fitness abilities and performance levels. 


Heart Zones Technology

Pulse Revolution is proud to be a Heart Zones cycling studio! We use the latest in Heart Zones technology, providing you with real-time bio-feedback so you can get the most out of your workout.


Small Group Training

With classes limited to 10 riders, you're guaranteed more personal attention from your ride coaches and a greater sense of community with your fellow revolutionaries. Join the tribe! Book a ride below!


Multiple Ride Formats

We have several different ride formats that you can use to design your own ride experience. Click below to learn about each format. You're sure to find a combination that gives you the ride of your life!

Ready to ride?